Couples' Prayer Mat set

Couples Prayer Mats set. Premium Blossom Prayer mat in Black and White

With Seven Sajada you are always insured a wide range of matching Prayer Mat set. Are you are looking for a Prayer Mat set for yourself or someone to gift it to? We are always ready to assist you with the perfect matching. Prayer Mat set are ideal for Couples and meaningful gifts for special occasions like engagements and weddings. 

Explore our Premium Blossom Prayer mats which is available in 7 different color combinations which makes it ideal to combine the perfect Couples' Prayer Mat set from. Our most popular combination set is the Premium Blossom in black and white, which is in a very beautiful contrast to each other, and still very neutral in its appearance.

Our Premium Prayer Mats are crafted from the very best material and therefor durable and very longlasting, which makes it ideal if you want someone to remember your beautiful gift. And what is more beautiful than a gift which someone can make his/her daily prayers on? For me it is one of the most amazing thoughts ❤️

Explore our entire collections of amazing matching Premium Prayer Mats in different colors and designs. All our Premium Prayer Mats are crafted with a very beautiful and durable backside and equipped with gorgeous fringes. Remember also to follow us on Instagram to find inspiration on our many amazing Islamic Prayer Mats.

At Seven Sajada we are always ready to help you with inspiration and preparation of the best gift idea. So please dont hesitate to reach out to us.